Sunday, March 20, 2016

Photo-of-the-Week #255 There Is Something About Water, Lake Murray, Chapin, South Carolina, May 2010

There is something about water that draws me to it. I'm not a fisherman, though I've done a little fishing. I'm not a huge water sports person, though I've swam, surfed, body surfed, snorkeled, scuba dived, water skied and done some boating. I enjoy oceans, gulfs, lakes - great and small, ponds, rivers - large and small, brooks and creeks and even swimming pools and hot tubs.

I'm not sure, but I believe all humans are drawn to water. Perhaps, it' s because our beginnings go back to the primordial soup (waters) where all life began. And, of course, water is absolutely essential to our existence considering water makes up about 60% of the adult human body with some variations based on the time of the month and the gender.

At any rate, I love mountains. I love lush green forests. I love beautiful green fields. I love rugged and arid deserts. I tolerate concrete and asphalt (city/suburban) landscapes and I deal with them when I have to. But, I not only love water, but I'm drawn to it. I lived on a the shore of a small lake for several years and it was a wonderful time of my life. I could do that again. Actually, with my current nomadic lifestyle living in my magical mobile micro condo, I can do it whenever I choose.

This week's photo-of-the-week was taken from the end of my good friends, Al and Margaret Walkers' dock right behind their home in Chapin, South Carolina. This is Lake Murray. Chapin is known as “The Capital of Lake Murray.” The lake is actually a huge reservoir created in 1920. It's 41 miles long and 14 miles wide at its widest and has some 500 miles of shoreline. Man made or not, it is a beautiful body of water and is the home of all kinds of fresh water aquatic life. And, of course, it draws the human species to its shores, including my friends, Al and Margaret. Live free and be happy. EH  


  1. Gorgeous lake to enjoy as @ passer by and / or to live permanently by its shore. Wondering how many miles have u put on your Mc VanMansion & how long is its life expectancy, if it ' dies' ( God-forbid ) would you get yourself another mansion or will you go back to sticks-and-bricks ?

    1. I acquired My McVansion with about 117,000 miles on the odometer. It recently turned over 157,000, so that's 40K. I've had it 4.5 years. I actually don't drive as many miles per year now as I did before I gave up my sticks & bricks in Nov. 2008. I had another van (same year with a slightly larger engine) that I really didn't use for travel. I had a Cadillac Seville STS, a fine motoring machine, that I put 150,000+ miles on and a lot of that was trekking miles. I stayed in budget motels and with friends along the way in those days. I got rid of the other van because I planned to get a monster motorhome when I left the sticks & bricks. I even bought a used Ford Focus to use as a toad (towed car) with the motor home and put some reasonable miles on it before a deer totaled it in NC just under a year from the time I bought it. By then I realized the monster motorhome wasn't what I really wanted, so I downsized and found this van. My current van had an engine rebuild a little over a year ago. The tranny and rest of the running gear, so far, appear to be in good condition. I hope this van will run for several more years, though I may upgrade to something newer and a little larger sometime in the future.

      As far as will I keep going on the road? Yes! For as long as I can physically do it or unless I just get tired of being on the road. I know a day will come when this kind of travel will no longer be feasible (unless I can afford to hire a driver and I don't see that happening - but who knows). Should I be granted that much life, I expect I'll have to settle in somewhere. I haven't figured out where that will be yet.