Sunday, November 8, 2015

Photo-of-the-Week #236 – The Sandy Hook Lighthouse – 2,500 Miles Removed, Lake Havasu, Arizona, May 2015

Behold, what you are looking at this week is a miniature model of the replica of the Sandy Hook (New Jersey, my home state) Lighthouse which is 15 miles from this location on Lake Havasu and approximately 2,500 miles from the actual, real McCoy on Sandy Hook in New Jersey. Go figure.

So, now I've seen the actual, original Sandy Hook Lighthouse and the model of the replica on the opposite side of the continent. I didn't actually go to see the life size replica. I'll look forward to doing that the next time I'm in Lake Havasu City.

Here is the “Rest of the Story” as Paul Harvey would say. This information is on the plaque to the right of the “monument” of the replica of the original. What? Does any of this make sense? Maybe I should just say . . . “Only in America.”


  1. If you go to see the Lake Havasu City version during the MLK weekend in January you'll find hundreds of vw buses camped there. It's Buses By the Bridge (whatever the Roman numeral is for this year's gathering).
    I don't have a vw bus right now but will probably show up anyway.

  2. Darn those right-coasters for coming out here and putting up a miniature lighthouse relica from 2,500 miles away. What the hell. :D