Sunday, December 7, 2014

Photo-of-the-Week #188 - The GRAND Canyon, Arizona, June 2010

Yes, indeed! It is a grand canyon. There is nothing special about this particular photo except I took it on my first (and so far) only excursion to the Grand Canyon. It's not an award winner and really not much more than the all too typical gratuitous photo of the giant chasm, but it's meaningful to me, because I took it, of course.

My plan was to make my second excursion to the natural wonder on this upcoming trek westward beginning tomorrow. But, I had planned to visit the northern side of the canyon that I'm told is much more scenic than the southern side from whence I took this photo. Unfortunately, due to the two month delay in my departure because of extraneous circumstances, it will be pretty darn cold in the Grand Canyon region already and the possibility of the access routes to the canyon may already be closed due to snow or snow that could fall by the time I get there.

So, this just allows for another opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon National Park and all the natural scenery and wonders therein. It probably won't be for at least another year or two. But, as General Douglas Macarthur was quoted as saying, "I shall return!"

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  1. Hi Ed, Really nice photo. Thanks for posting. Hope to visit the Grand Canyon sometime this Summer. Keep on keeping on.................HoboJoe