Thursday, December 4, 2014

2015 Trek #1 Departure Date Is Imminent

The much awaited (by me) target date for departure on the first trek for 2015 is Monday, December 8, 2014. Yes, I'm calling it the first 2015 trek because it's so close to the new year and the vast majority of this trek will be during 2015.

The van preparation is coming along. It's been hampered a bit, unfortunately, by colder weather and a bit of snow and very cold rain, not to mention some serious wind from time to time. But, I keep progressing. A number of projects have already been completed (alterations, changes and additions) and while the current list of items still looks daunting - it's really quite doable.

Here's the list as of this morning, December 4, 2014:


Buy new larger drawer unit and 8" drawer units
from Walmart                                                               $  75.00

New Wiper Blades                                                        $  35.00

Complete the passenger side wheel well shelf - Ready to install

Raise the galley counter to fit in new larger drawer unit

Wire and install higher current capacity 12 volt sockets in galley

Install side door and rear door window curtains.

Cut and prepare acoustic foam for voice-over booth area in back of van
and install for fit

Mount flexible mic mounting for voice-over work

Build utility double deck shelf in rear storage under passenger side of the workstation.

Permanently mount and wire 12 volt sockets and USB sockets in cockpit

Carefully assign/reassign storage space
Mount meter and switch in project box then install and mount in van

Install 12 volt outlets in workstation

Install 7 USB port hub in workstation.

Wire 110 volt outlet in galley from new 1000 watt inverter

Wire 110 volt from 1000 watt inverter to rear power distribution panel

Mount RoadPro 12 volt water/liquid warmer in galley

Create hooks on trash basket to hook Walmart bags on for garbage

Install bubble wrap in windows for additional insulation

Trim green runner to fit

Acquire small throw rug for front section of van by side doors

Design way to mount 5 gallon water container
Everything that is crossed out has been completed and several of the other items have been partially completed. It's decent weather outside today so anything that involves work that must be done from outside the van is on today's agenda. The next couple days are scheduled to be rainy. Yuck! So, I'll be working on the interior projects.

Sunday is scheduled to be clean up and storage day. I'll be moving any of my excess belongings I have at my friend's house (my eastern base camp) into my nearby storage units. Most of it is stuff slated to be liquidated, YET! Completing as much, if not all, of my downsizing when I return sometime in the spring is my main objective at that time.

I will be posting some photos and maybe even a video walk around and walk through sometime after I get on the road. Meanwhile it's time to get back to work. 


  1. March? Don't you mean December 8th?

    1. Yikes! I can't believe - A. I said March and B. I didn't catch that when I proofed and edited it. Just goes to show (and I know this well as a former business and self-help book publisher) that everyone needs an editor. I stand corrected and I've fixed it. Thanks for the catch, John.


  2. I hope he means Dec... Not to say a time could not be of some use! I'd think if Ed had a time machine the 'when' he left would not be all that important.... :)

    1. Yes, Rob! A time machine would be great, because then I could roll back the date to October 1 when I had originally projected being on the road. Danged revenue generating projects anyway. Thanks for the catch, too. If you're going to be in Quartzite for Bob's RTR I'll look forward to crossing paths there.