Sunday, October 5, 2014

Photo-of-the-Week #179 Just Another Sunset, Ocean Pond, Osceola National Forest, Florida, February 2014

Sometimes, as I scan through the thousands of photos in my archives for my Photo-of-the-Week, a photo just doesn't jump out and yell, "Pick Me! Pick Me!" that particular week. Well, this is one of those weeks. Usually something will jump out and I'll know that's it, but nothing did this week.

Sunrises and sunsets are two of my favorite subjects to capture graphically. It's a combination of the stark contrasts, the silhouettes and the beautiful colors created by the amount of moisture in the air, the clouds and the location I'm shooting from. When something else doesn't seem to appeal in a specific week, I search out my sunrise and sunset files

So, here we are at sunset, just before the golden disk disappears behind the horizon. This series begins several minutes before sunset and several minutes after. But, this one just seemed to stand out for this week's choice. The location is the campground on Ocean Pond in the Osceola National Forest in north central Florida and the time was the end of February of this year, 2014.

It's just such a beautiful and inspiring ending to a day. Once the sun has set, I'm pretty much ready to climb into My McVansion and prepare for a nice, warm night of pleasant dreams. So, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous photo - at least in my opinion.  

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