Sunday, June 22, 2014

Photo-of-the-Week #164, The Mohawk River and Erie Canal, The Village of Ilion, New York, June 22, 2014

The photos don't get any more current than this one. I shot this and the second photo (a "selfie") while sitting in a small picnic shelter on the shore or the Mohawk River. This portion of the Mohawk River just happened to also be a part of the Erie Canal. About four or five miles downstream (to the east of this location) is Erie Canal Lock #18. I took photos of part of it earlier today.

This couldn't be a more perfect day. The sky is a deep blue. The clouds are crisp white. The temperature is 77 degree with a predicted high of 80. And, to top it off, there is a very pleasant gentle breeze flowing by. This all called for a day of relaxation and spending as little time driving and as much time enjoying the serenity of this bucolic setting in the Mohawk Valley of central New York.

I'm actually located at a small marina and RV park operated by the Village of Ilion and the New York State Park Service. An occasional boat passes or some hikers on what was once the towpath for the original Erie Canal. It is way too expensive for me to stay at this location with My McVansion, so I'm just a "free" day visitor. I'm not far from Utica, New York where a long ago girl friend from graduate school hailed from. Also, Hamilton, New York, home of Colgate University and Clinton, New York home of Hamilton College - both of which I produced record albums for back in 1968 or 1969 (the year is foggy at this point in time). Also not far away is Herkimer, New York where I stayed at the Walmart Supercenter last night. And a little further away is Amsterdam, New York. I remember that small town because I dated a young woman from there who I met through a very primitive computer dating service back in 1967 or '68.

So, this area holds fond memories for me. The small towns haven't changed much and the area is still a combination of rural farmland and antiquated, mostly decayed, mills served by the Erie Canal in transporting raw materials and finished goods. I did pass one very large factory complex earlier when seeking this location and it is very much still a very active and busy business. It is the Remington Firearms factory in Ilion, New York.

Now, it's back to enjoying this idyllic day next to the placid Mohawk River.  

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