Sunday, May 3, 2015

Photo-of-the-Week #209 Desert at Dusk, Desert East of Yucca Valley, California, April 2015


This is one of those shots that just . . . happened. I was cruising along at Dusk on my way to Yucca Valley, California, my stopover destination between Lake Havasu City, Arizona and Hawthorne (L.A.) California.

I never know when one of these shots will turn out, but I was driving along this California highway, I believe it was Rt. 62, with my camera resting on the steering wheel. Fortunately, before leaving Lake Havasu City, I had cleaned the windshield when I topped off my fuel. There were a number of dramatic shots as I drove along including what appeared to be a very large, dark storm cloud to my right (north) over a mountain range. It was only a few miles from where I eventually passed. There appeared to be heavy rain falling and some exciting lightning bolts. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture any lightning.

This shot happened at just the perfect time. The contrasts of the clouds, sun setting behind the clouds, though mountains and the starkness of the desert have a raw beauty that will always remind me of this drive. Nature is awesome.

Just a few moments before I sat down to compose this article to accompany the photo, my friend, BJ, and I were talking and she said with high definition TV as good as it is today, there's really no need to go to all these beautiful places, you can witness them on TV. I begged to differ. You may be able to see the beauty on a HDTV screen, but it will never be able to take your breath away like it does when you experience something like this in person.  

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