Sunday, March 29, 2015

Photo-of-the-Week #204 Partying with the Phoenicians, Phoenix, Arizona, March 25, 2015

Normally, my photo-of-the-week posts are of some scenic sight or point of interest. This week I've taken a different course. I always tell people that my true wealth, besides the time I have on this Earth, is my friends. And, here are some of my friends. I rolled into Phoenix sent out an email and had hoped to find a time to get together with each of my friends individually, fitting into their busy schedules. Lo and behold, they all got together and just like that, we had a small party put together.

These are friends I've known for decades from my membership in the National Speakers Association, an organization that has blessed me with some of the best friendships of my life. Seated around the table with me beginning at the back of the booth on the left with Naomi Rhode, then Jim Rhode and Ed Scannell. On the right side, I'm in the back with Kathleen Thoren and Don Thoren. All of these terrific folks are participants in the Veteran Speakers Retreat and have been designated Legends of the Speaking Profession. I was honored to be the coordinator of the VSR for 12 years where we awarded the Legends designation and shared time with each of them during the retreats.

As a side note, besides the fact that each of these people are uniquely talented and very wise, intelligent individuals, I credit Jim Rhode as being my muse and inspiration in the creation of the SuccessTrax audio magazine I created in the early 80's. One just never knows who will cross your path and become pivotal in where you future will go.

At any rate, I salute you all, love and appreciate you and thanks for the impromptu birthday celebration that spontaneously occurred. It was a delightful evening at The Cheesecake Factory in Phoenix. 

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  1. Well said Ed: True wealth consists of your friends. Love requires people: relationship. When it's all said and done, it's the people we've connected with who we remember. When we give of ourselves to one another, so we live in one another--not metaphorically, but in reality. It may be a beautiful ideal, a lovely emotion, a high idea. It takes root and blossoms because of what we have shared and has been received.

    Many more such get-togethers to you.