Sunday, February 1, 2015

Photo-of-the-Week #196 A Seriously Different Christmas Tree, Los Angeles, California, January 2015

No political correctness here folks. If you're looking for PC, this ain't the place. Thus, behold a SERIOUSLY different Christmas Tree (not a holiday tree or a celebration tree - a Christmas Tree).

Yes, you would be correct in saying it's made completely from books. That's probably because it is located in The Last Book Store in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Now, I eliminated most of my books (though for some completely unknown reason I'm still storing a number of cartons of books, way too many) during my major downsize in 2008. Over prior years I had probably loaned or given away close to as many as I downsized that year. But, I still love wandering through large new bookstores like The Tattered Cover in Denver and used bookstores anywhere I find them. No! As much as I want to buy book (and used to go to large remaindered book sales and leave with bags full), I know I don't have room for them in My McVansion, so I stick with e-books.

The Last Book Store is a fun place and I highly recommend it if you're ever in downtown LA with nothing to do. It's on a corner in what appears to be a huge, old, multi-story bank. Besides considering that there were at least two huge vaults in the building, it just had all the makings and feeling of an old bank dating back, probably from the Art Deco period or before. This photo from the balcony above the main floor should give you an idea of how big this place is.

As you can see, there are stacks and stacks of books. Most appear to be used books, however there may have been some new ones. And, if you see the table with the woman sitting at it in the lower right corner of this photo, she is an author and was getting toward the end of a book signing session for a new book they were selling. Upstairs there was a huge area they called the Labyrinth and you could literally get lost among all the books and shelves. There was even a tunnel you passed through made of books. Additionally there was an art gallery displaying the works of local artists and there were some craft booths displaying various antiques and crafts on sale by the vendors.

This place was definitely an experience and one could easily spend an entire day exploring all the books and stuff on display and available. One of the vaults, I believe it was the larger one, on the main floor, if I remember correctly, seemed to be the depository for first editions, rare and other collector books. There was an "incognito" security person, probably a store employee, outside the door at all times.

At any rate, if you love books or even just like them or even just want to visit and interesting place, I recommend The Last Book Store in downtown Los Angeles.   

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