Sunday, May 18, 2014

Photo-of-the-Week #159 Look At Me!, The Villages, Florida, February 2014

I love this photo. I was parked next to this pond with a vandwelling friend. We were in the parking lot of the Walmart at The Villages in central Florida when I snapped it. This crazy bird decided to show off for us. Well, actually, I think it was probably a "he" and he was probably trying to catch the eye of a prospective mate from several likely candidates nearby.

At first, I thought "he" was just stretching his wings. But, he held that pose and actually pranced around on the obstacle in the water. The obstacle was actually the fountainhead for a fountain that shot water about 30 feet into the air when it was turned on. He gave me plenty of time to set  my camera and take several shots.

I titled this photo, "Look At Me!" But, I think it could have gone with "He's A Plucky Ducky." 

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