Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day #1 of the My McVansion Shakedown Cruise -er- Road Trip, September 19, 2013

I loaded up My McVansion with everything I could think of that I would or might need, this morning. I caught a shower, climbed into some comfortable travel clothes - and - of course - THE HAT! I bid my farewells to my great friend, Carolyn, who so kindly and generously allows me to use her home in Keyser, WV as my eastern base camp. I also said, "see ya" to her son, Matt, a really neat young man who has been out visiting for a while (and just doing a fantastic job of catching up on a lot of yard maintenance for both his mom and his grandmother down the street). I climbed in the van at about 1:15 this afternoon, set the GPS, turned on the cell phone hands free Bluetooth, turned on and started the dash cam recording and off I went.

Now, without question, today was one of the nicest travel days - specifically, road trip travel days - I can ever remember. I was actually traveling without a deadline to be anywhere by any specific time. I thought I might make it to my ultimate destination, Clifton, New Jersey or somewhere in the vicinity, but as I was driving through Pennsylvania and it was dark by 7:30 in Allentown, I decided that my destination was going to be to cross the New Jersey border and look for a Walmart Motor Inn (bring your own accommodations :-) and call it a great day.

So, by 7:50 I was in the parking lot of the Phillipsburg, New Jersey Walmart ready to walk in and gain their approval for my overnighting in their parking lot. By 8:30 I had gained the approval, shopped for some snacks for a light dinner, had the black out drapes installed in the van and was eating my dinner. I also had pulled out the computer and was checking email and after I ate, I answered those that required an answer. It's wonderfully quiet here in the parking lot. There are only a few of us here.

As far as the travel today, it was near perfect. The weather was very nice. Part of the time it was sunny with blue sky and puffy white clouds. Other parts of the time it was overcast, but bright. The traffic wasn't bad at all. I topped off the gas tank in Cumberland, MD and started to keep track of the gas usage. It's doing somewhat better than I normally see. That probably has to do with keeping the speed between 55 and 60 mph on cruise control for sustained driving.

I cut cross-country from Hancock, Maryland to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania to eliminate (I think) a large piece of real estate from the trip. I went through some absolutely gorgeous country with some fairly good size mountains for the east. The ascents and descents were pretty steep. But, My McVansion handled them without any hesitation. I stopped in Chambersburg to enjoy a late lunch at the Moe's Southwest Grill I enjoy stopping at only to find that it has closed and is out of business. That's sad. I like Moe's. It's not that there is any want for restaurants at that location; there are probably a dozen or more of the popular chain places. I ended up at a Chipotle Mexican Grill. I still prefer Moe's. From there I proceeded through Carlisle (near Boiling Springs where I hosted my last Veteran Speakers Retreat just about a month ago). Then went through Harrisburg and left I-81 for I-78 east to New Jersey.

I haven't been on that route in several years, but there is a religious short-wave radio station that I always watch for to see what they've done to their antenna configuration. There are some neat old 50's style motels and several Pennsylvania Dutch Restaurants along that route as well. There is an interesting establishment along the route that specializes in sheepskin coats, seat covers and other sheepskin products. I've always wanted to check that place out and I just may do that on my trip back to West Virginia next week. I'm really not sure why I didn't stop today. Old habits die hard, I guess - just rush right on past - that's what I've always done.

When I reached the Allentown area it brought back memories to around the latter 70's when I had a client there. It was the Good Shepherd Workshop, a facility that helped retrain folks who had suffered serious, life changing accidents and illnesses. The director of the workshop was an Irish fellow by the name of Tom Stenhouse. He was a delightful fellow was his lovely Irish wife. I loved the accent. Tom was a man of great generosity and a huge heart. I liked him from the first time I spoke with him.

I learned, after visiting with Tom and his wife at their home in nearby Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that due to an earlier business involvement, Tom was financially independent and made more money in annual royalties than many people realize in ten or more years of earnings from a decent job. He wasn't paid a lot of money for his work at the Good Shepherd Workshop. The Workshop was simply his way of giving back to people who were not as fortunate as he was. I label this man as a true "hometown hero."

I had a few phone conversations along the way to pass the time. One was with my friend, Bob Orben, who is a well-known humor writer and speechwriter. He was President Gerald Ford's chief speechwriter and wrote speeches for a number of other important people in Washington, DC. He also wrote for Red Skelton, Jack Paar and other comedians. Bob is the latest recipient of the Master of Influence award presented by the National Speakers Association.

I also chatted with Mickey Bo, host of Mickey Bo's Rock n Roll Revue (you'll see his logo on the left side of this post on the Living Free blog). Mickey, aka, Dave McAlary, my 40+ year Air Force buddy was also traveling today. So, while I was driving northeast from West Virginia to New Jersey, Mickey was driving west from Cape Cod to western Massachusetts. Isn't technology fantastic?

The evening is ending now. I answered the emails after eating and I had a pleasant call from my friend, Carolyn in West Virginia checking in to make sure I was doing well and where I was. And after I complete this post and putting it up on the blog, I'm going to hit the rack and get a good night's sleep. In the morning, I'll catch a quick breakfast at Walmart and also buy some bungee cords and some screw eyes to secure a few things in the back of My McVansion. They were part of the plan, anyway, but I thought I could do without them on this trip. I was wrong. While nothing got dumped, it very well could have and for only a minor cost and a few minutes of time I can alleviate the problem before it really becomes one.

End of Day #1 of the Shakedown - Road Trip - a really, really terrific day. Looking forward to Day #2.

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